Our mobility offer

  • Make your project a reality with the rent guarantee solutions(1)
  • We have an assistance service that can help you change your bank domiciliation
  • We can offer modular home insurance swith three levels of cover
  • Provide protection for your children wherever they are, 24/7, with school insurance.

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Rent guarantee on special terms

Do you need a bank guarantee to rent your home?

At SBE, we can provide one for you(1).

Changing bank made easy with the DOMICILIA service

SBE can help you change your bank branch. No need to worry about the details involved in changing the credit transfer and debit operations relating to your account. SBE can take care of all of that!

Household insurance that covers you against accidents, fire and other losses!

Flexible modular insurance cover perfectly suited to what you need and can afford. Cover from calling out a repair service to the rehousing of your family in an emergency, you can select the insurance that best suits your needs!

School insurance; effective protection for your child roght up until the end of their school days.

There are policies for all ages (baby, nursery, junior), each providing optimum levels of protection for all curricular and extracurricular activities.







(1) Subject to approval of your application by SBE